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Greeting Cards
These are all handmade cards. Each design is unique and colorful.

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Pergamano Books

Item #97021
Handbook of Parchment Craft Basic
This book explains basic techniques, step by step. It uses clear explanations, photos, and patterns to teach a new technique. - 64 pages

Item #7960
Parchment Craft
Shows how to trace, perforate, emboss,
cut and tint parchment paper to create greetings cards and book-marks. There are twenty-one
projects shown in color, with full-size
patterns. - 80 pages


Item #8231
The Art of Parchment Craft
Enhance your pictures and patterns by simply
adding ink, paint, pastel and crayon. Delicate
Achieved highlighs, rainbow effects, and subtle
shading with watercolor pencils and oil
pastels. - 80 pages


Item #0569
Quick Parchment Greeting Cards
features simple embossing techniques and
paper pricking. Also shows making parchment
cards using a basic kit and three-step
stencils. - 48 pages


Item #0658
South American Parchment Craft
Shows parchment styles of Brazil and Argentina.
There are nine step-by-step demonstrations
including greetings cards, a gift bag, a scrapbook
page, a tea light frill and a convent style book cover. - 80 pages


Item #0627
Pretty Parchment Creation
This 15th book by Anneke is once again filled with many varied pieces. Besides 18 cards, a number of wall decorations and a fan can also be found in this book. Besides the more challenging projects for the advanced parchment crafters, for beginners, there are detailed photos and work descriptions which will be very helpful when creating these projects. - 48 pages

Item #0629
Love and Roses
The theme of this second book of Tatsue Shibata is the rose. Of all flowers the rose is very special to Tatsue. To her it is like an icon, a theme that runs forever in her life. In this book, the rose is the main subject for each of the 22 projects, she hopes that these will evoke a special feeling in you as well. - 48 pages