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Pergamano Patterns

Pergamano Tools & Templates

Pergamano is the art of embellishing and decorating parchment paper (or vellum paper) through the use of techniques as embossing, perforating, stippling, cutting and coloring.

Basic technique is parchment art:

Item #LM10
Lady Manita Patterns
Claire Victory designed this pattern.

Item #M67
Traditional Christmas Cards
Anneke Oostmeijer shows six cards:
painting with a range of embossed
and cut edges can produce fantastic results.


Item #M71
Pergamano Black & White
Pauline van Bijleveld shows you how
beautiful black & white creations can be.
When you do the black & white design in reverse
you will have twelve special designs instead of six.


Item #M72
Embroidering on parchment paper
Gerti Hofman has used parchment paper
in warm shades of red and fuchsia and
the surprising black vellum. Her combination
of parchment paper and shiny yarn led to
six colorful and subtle cards.


Item #M73
Pergamano Folding cards
Hiskia Wittenaar shows how folding a parchment
paper gives beautiful results. The folding
is combined with detailed paintwork and
beautiful decorative borders.


Item #M74
Pergamano Exclusively White
Sara Keen was inspired by white embroidery
and made this great white design.
In some designs, she has used tamponnade
stencils for chasing.


Item #M75
Pergamano Snowmen
Contains six patterns
for cards with cute snowmen painted
by Gerti Hofman using perga liners.


Item #M76
Pergamano Golden Yellow Lace Work
Siri-Anong was inspired by traditional
Thai culture which resulted in six patterns for cards with wonderful embossing and perforating work.


Item #M77
Traditional Christmas w Vellum Black
Nadine Guénard shows how attractive working
with vellum can be. The embossing and perforating
work is emphasized by the contrast offered by the
black vellum.


Item #M78
Created by Waltraud Gessner. Contains six beautiful Christmas projects. Several grids in the Pergamano product line, like grid fine mesh, regular mesh, and diagonal. The remaining two are Christmas pendants.

Item #M80
Fruits & Flowers
A painting technique on cards with perga liners and dorso oil. Three flower cards and three fruit cards.


Item #M81
Colorful White Work
A collection of different styles of cards with a heart or flower shape. Combines white work with color. The designs are easy and suitable to work out in various ways.


Item #M82
These six cards are designed and created by Pat Hosking. Each card illustrates a unique and beautiful landscape, painted with perga colors exclusive to create a special water-color effect.