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Dufex Card Making Elements

These Card Making Elements sheets contain two subtly designed backing papers, two main images, two Greeting Panels, and borders and corners which can be used to create a frame around your card design. All of these elements fully complement the images from the Freestyle Decoupage sheets.

Item #248633
Floral Occasions
Each pack contains 2 different Floral Bouquets with 4 layers of decoupage each and 4 tags to complement each of the bouquets. Also included are 2 blank tags so that you may add your own peel off greeting.

Item #248634
Good Luck/Congratulations
Each pack contains a Champagne bottle with popping cork and balloons and a Cat in Clover, both with 3 decoupage layers. Also includes 5 Greeting Panels to complement each of the main designs.

Item #248635
New Baby
pack contains an image each for Boy and for girl along with 3 other numbered layers to build up your decoupage image. Contains 4 Greeting Banners for Baby Boys and 4 for Baby Girls.

Item #248693
This pack contains all the traditional images associated with Easter such as Bunnies, Tulips, Chicks, Eggs and Daffodils.