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Brodery Templates

The Brodery Templates combine two popular techniques, embossing and embroidery. These templates contain several embroidery patterns and also have a special cutting edge.


Item #B6328
Brodery Cards w Style

Item #5877-6689
Fancy Brodery

Item #1844482324
Embroidery on Paper
shows you how to make beautiful embroideries on paper using pricking and simple embroidery techniques. The pages are packed with patterns and designs, and each project is accompanied by full step-by-step instructions with helpful information on all the materials used. Brodery templates used. - 80 pages


Item #5102
Ruler Diamond motif
Reg: 9.95 Sale: 6.00

Item #5103
Round Motif Square
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5105
Square Motif Diamond
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5106
Square Motif Oval
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5107
Ruler Flower Corner
Reg: 9.95 Sale: 6.00

Item #5109
Brodery Star Octagonal
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5110
Brodery Square Holly Star
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5111
Brodery Ruler Lotus
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5112
Brodery Ruler
Ornamental Flower
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5114
Brodery Achthoek Hart
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00

Item #5116
Brodery Round Lelie
Reg: 11.00 Sale: 8.00