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Annelies Doodle Templates 

Annelies created this beautiful doodle and scrapline plastic templates. For doodling, attach the template on the card using a low tack tape. Draw the pattern of your choice with a pencil. Use the help lines to attach the template in the corners of a card.

In using the scrapline template, attach it four times in the corner of your project (12" X 12") with low tack tape. Draw the chosen pattern with a pencil. Work accurately. Very useful when making your scrapbook.

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Handmade Baby Shower Invitations 
by Sam Smith

Baby shower invitations are a very important part of the entire baby shower process. A baby shower invitation is the first thing that your visitor will see and therefore your first opportunity to set the mood of the shower. So it is important to think long and hard and really come up with a unique idea for your baby shower invitation.

One way to truly make your baby shower stand out from the crowd is by making handmade baby shower invitations. This might take some extra time but the time spent will definitely be conveyed to those getting a unique handmade baby shower invitation.

In making custom baby shower invitations you will want to first consider you theme for the baby shower. For example if you have a Disney or Winnie the Pooh theme then you might want to collect some ideas around this theme. If you theme is a stroke then you will want to include a stroke in your invitations.

Below are some ideas that can be used to make a unique handmade baby shower invitation.

Computer - There has been a huge proliferation of computers in recent years and almost every household now has a computer. Many of the computers come with wonderful printing and page layout software. For example some popular titles are Printmaster, Microsoft Publisher, Print Artists and many others. If you do not have one of these programs they can easily be purchased for under $15.00 dollars and they are very easy to install and get up and running. The great advantage of doing a baby shower invitations this way is you can make each one unique and custom. You can add in the recipient's names and even change the colors of each invitation to make them all individual and unique. Also with the templates that are often included with these types of programs it should be easy to find a template that will fit your purpose and theme. You can easily find a template that fits in with your theme and then make a few changes to customize it like changing colors or inserting different graphics.

Handmade Paper - It is not very difficult to make your own paper at home or even buy handmade paper at your local craft store. This combined with a few of the other techniques discussed below can really make for a handmade baby shower invitation that has quality written all over it. Honestly there is nothing quite like the touch and feel of handmade pieces of paper. When your recipients of these invitations open and read the invitations they will be delighted with the sensation of handmade paper. These types of papers will work well with stamps, calligraphy and other handmade baby shower invitation techniques.

Stamps - More and more people are getting into stamping and scrap booking. The supplies and techniques that are available in these fields is growing exponentially. It is really a lot of fun and can be a wonderful way to enjoy your hobby while make a handmade baby shower invitation. So simply go to your local craft store and pick up some fun stamps, pens, and even embossing powder and get started making your invitation. Try to find stamps that fit with your theme. A very fun theme can be baby building blocks and there are also many stamps that you can use to make an invitation with baby building blocks or Alphabet blocks.

Stickers - Stickers can be another fun way to make a handmade baby shower invitation. You can easily buy stickers from your local craft store that will fit well into your theme. Pick carefully and use high quality products. You might also want to think about how you can integrate handmade papers, stamps and stickers to make a really unique handmade invitation.

Wax Seals - Wax seals with an initial can be a lot of fun to add a quality finishing touch to your handmade invitation. You simply close and seal the envelope closed and then melt a little bit of wax on to the outside of the envelope. Then press a seal with your initials or family crest into the hot wax. This is a very nice finishing touch to a handmade baby shower invitation.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to make handmade baby shower invitations. The possibilities are really limitless. It is important to tie in the theme of the baby shower and some thought should go into the process. Also just a little bit of advice leave yourself a lot of time to create handmade baby shower invitations. You do not want to be trying to make them last minute right before the shower and be under pressure to get theme finished. Being under pressure to get something done is not very conducive to being creative.

Sam Smith is the webmaster of Baby Shower Guides. A great resource for: handmade baby shower invitations. Article Source: Your Source of New eZine ready Articles daily.

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Hobbydots Sets 

These sets contains patterns and stickers. Prick the design through the pattern sheet on to your cardstock and overlay with the adhesive shapes for a stunning result. Each set contains two sheets of stickers, one A5 3D Sheet, and one pattern.

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Romantic Style Templates 

Place the stencil onto a lightbox and put the card on top of that. Emboss the designs by pressing the paper with the tool into the stencil openings. Turn paper and stencil around, and mark the edges of the stencil and the openings in it with a pencil. Cut the paper on these marks.

EE Romantic Style by Marianne D

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Geisha Cards 

by Ingrid Deelen
  1. Draw with the template the pagoda on old red carton and cut it out.
  2. Punch holes left and right and embroider these according to the template pattern.
  3. Make holes at the top and attach eyelets in these.
  4. Cut a piece of gold carton of 3.3 x 2.7” and attach this behind the pagoda.
  5. Make a double black card of 5.3 x 5.3”.
  6. Attach the pagoda to the card using 3D kit, raising it slightly.
  7. Cut out a Geisha and make this 3D. Then attach this to the gold carton.
  8. Emboss the branch and fan on white carton.
  9. Cut both out and glue them with 3D kit to the card.

Geisha Stencils

Geisha Border Stencils

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Mattie's Happy Birthday templates 

There are so many occasions to send a beautiful hand-made card. These stencils were designed by Anja Van Laar.

Instructions can be downloaded here for Happy Birthday (PDF)

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