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Joy! Crafts/Creatables dies now available! 

After our extremely cold weather, comes Spring. All the flowers in every garden are blooming. But have you not notice that the blooming season was late?
Well, since spring is almost done, here comes our summery weather.

Let's find some summery crafts for the children. You can give them some materials to start with like crayons, egg boxes, paper, cardboard, etc. Children are very creative. So they will know what to do with these materials.

For the grown-ups, we can do some paintings, wreaths, sewing, planting, and many more. Others are interested in making some greeting cards and handmade frames. Different templates are being used for your project.

Kamya is now introducing new templates that will be available this month.
Create something wonderful. There are different designs coming in. Also, Couture Creations and Cheery Lynn's new templates are now available.


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