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Lace templates were designed to make your own patterns. It is very similar to Incire, Paper Piercing, Cut 'N Tuc, etc. Using a special Lace knife, one can easily cut through the lines of the template. With a small Lace scoring ruler and a special Lace scoring tool, one can make extremely sharp folds. You can create unique designs for greeting cards and scrapbooking. The procedure is very simple. Materials you will need are a duo color stock card, template, sharp cutting knife, and a folding tool.

1. Attach the template to your project, using removable tape.
2. Use a sharp craft knife.
3. Start at the point of the V and go towards the bottom. Curved lines should be started at the base of the shape and follow the shape.
4. Remove the template and score along the base of each shape, then fold the cut shapes.

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