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Paper Quilling For Beginners  
by Milo Go Lim

There are a lot of shapes that one can create out of strips of paper. In paper quilling, using a quilling tool, paper strips are rolled, coiled, fringed, crimped, pinched, and then glued that is put together to create a design, figure or a completely amazing artwork!

Starter Kits

The great thing with paper quilling is doesn't cost much to start the craft or you can simply improvise! Although there are many cute and quality starter kits that are being sold online or out there in paper craft stores, all you need to begin a project is strips of colored papers or paper sheets (these you can cut on your own although it takes a long time at first), quick drying glue (in a fine tipped container or use a toothpick), and a quilling tool (you can purchase or just use an old long needle and attach it a wooden dowel pin.

Basic Techniques

  • Tight coil/circle: Roll the paper strip and glue the loose end to the side of the roll. Make sure that it does not unfurl even a little.
  • Loose coil/circle: Roll the paper strip and allow the coil to loosen up to desired size after removing the quilling tool. Then glue the loose end.
  • Teardrop: Make a loose circle. Pinch one side of the circle to a point, literally making a teardrop shape.
  • Marquise/Eye: Make a loose circle, and then pinch it on opposite sides. End product is a shaped like an eye.
  • Square: Make a marquise. Then turn it ninety degrees and pinch it again on two opposite
  • sides, exactly making a square.
  • Triangle: Make a teardrop. In one hand, hold the teardrop between your index finger and thumb. With the other hand, press the rounded end inward to form three points.
  • Rectangle: Make a marquise. Then turn it slightly and pinch two more points on opposite sides. There should be two short sides and two long sides forming a rectangle.

The strips of paper are folded and the ends are formed into rolls to create the desired shape. Unlike the rolls, scrolls' ends are not glued. It helps create a light "feel and look" in the design.

Basic scroll shapes are scroll, heart, v scroll, c scroll, and s scroll.

  • Spirals are formed by slowly pulling the paper off while firmly holding the other end that is still attached to the quilling tool. Spirals are usually used for bird beaks, bird feet, springs, and zig-zags.
Very Useful Tips
  • Cut your own strips so that you can easily plan and customize your own design.
  • To help hold the strip when rolling it, you can lightly moisten the tip of the paper strip.
  • A quick drying glue is best suited to close off the end of the paper strip after you've rolled up the paper.
  • To substitute for the circle template board, use a corkboard and cloth pins to hold or shape your rolls.
  • Tearing the ends, before gluing is better that cutting. This way it doesn't leave a hard edge.
The secret to being a successful and expert quiller is to master these basic techniques.

Milo Go Lim was born into a family of artists. Paper crafts are her specialty, paper quilling being her favorite. You can visit her latest website at Paper Quilling for more great articles and more tips about Quilling Paper. Article Source:

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