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The Different Kinds of Craft Stamps 
by DeeAnn Young

All of your stamps can be used for different types of crafts Knowing what you can do with each kind of stamp will help you to know what you should be purchasing for your craft.

Clear Stamps with Acrylic blocks: Clear stamps are becoming more and more popular. These clear stamps will stick to your acrylic block making is easy to have precise placement when stamping. They are usually sold as sets so you get more stamps for your money. They also come in a protective case that makes it easy to store and organize them.

Wooden Mounted Rubber: These stamps will give you the best detailed images when you use them. They are deep etched and are ideal for stamping on soft surfaces like fabric. These stamps are supplies ready to use in a wide variety of different styles.

Un-mounted Rubber: These stamps are like your Wooden Mounted stamps, but just consist the 'die' part of the stamp. You can mount then yourself to a block or use temporary mounting like cling foam that you would use with an acrylic block. Unmounted stamps will usually cost less than the mounted stamps, most of your manufacturers will have both types to choose from.

Foam: Foam stamps are great for children because they are easy to use and light weight. They are great for stamping large and bold images. You will most likely use foam stamps when you are using paints. These stamps are great for any interior decorating projects.

Digital: These kinds of stamps have become more popular with the use of computer in your home. They give you an entire new range of creative opportunities. They are much different than your traditional stamps, but have great advantages.

Make sure that you decide what type will work best for you and the type of craft you are doing. Every one you use can be used for other crafts, so keep that in mind when purchasing them. The better you take care of them the longer they will last and the more creative crafts you can do with them. I suggest that you find a way to store your stamps for better organization and to keep them away from different elements that can cause them not to last as long. Remember when you decide on a type of stamp you can also use different ways to ink them, you can use normal stamp ink or they do make special markers that you can use to make each stamp different colors. Have fun with them and you will be sure to enjoy them.

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