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Three Easy Paper Halloween Crafts 
by Kathy Pratts

Paper is probably the best material to use for crafts because they are versatile and very easy to use. If you are looking for the perfect crafts this October, you might as well settle on easy paper Halloween crafts. Here are some of them.

Bags For Trick or Treat
Trick-or-treat bags are one of the easiest Halloween crafts to make. The simplest trick or treat bag design would be pasting pumpkin cut outs made from pieces of orange, black and green construction paper. If you want to be more creative with these easy paper Halloween crafts, you can cut out different facial features from construction paper to paste on the bag. You can add special scary features like fangs and horns. Fill the bag with goodies and fold and close the top with some tape. Cut some yarn and glue on the fold for hair.

Witch Mask
One of the most versatile materials you can use in Halloween crafts-making is the paper plate. Any Halloween decoration with a circular shape like a wreath or a pumpkin could be made out of paper plates. Aside from decorations, a variety of homemade masks can be made out of them like a witch mask.

The first step in making witch masks is to paint the back of the paper plate with a light, lime or mint green color. Let it dry and carefully cut out eye slots. You can trace the outline of the slots with black ink for effect. For the nose, cut a triangle from a piece of green construction paper and fold the triangle in half. Put some glue on the two long edges of the triangle and attach to the center of the plate just below the eyes. Cut a squiggly mouth from black construction paper and paste below the nose. Cut circles from brown construction paper for moles and warts.

To make the witch's hat, make a triangle with curved edges from black construction paper. Then, glue this to the top of the plate. Cut a long thin strip of construction paper and paste just below the triangular hat to serve as the hat's base. Cut holes and insert rubber bands on the opposite sides of the mask. There are no other easy paper Halloween crafts than this.

Ghost Streamer
You will need additional materials for these easy paper Halloween crafts. Get a circular object such as an old ping pong ball. Cut white crepe paper into long strips with widths that are slightly wider than the circumference of the ball. Stick the ball onto the center of one crepe strip. Put adhesive on the back of the crepe and ball and lay it horizontally on a vertically positioned strip. You should now have a cross of two strips with the ball at the center.

Stick another strip of crepe to the back of the ball, and using the other strips, paste or glue them diagonally. Stick a fourth strip going in the opposite direction. Gather the remaining strips and continue sticking horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Insert your hand under so that you are holding the very base of the pieces of glued crepe. Invert the strips such that the ball becomes completely covered. Gather the strips together and tie at the bottom of the ball. Draw ghostly features on the ball with a marker. Thread a piece of double white yarn on a small square of white cartolina and knot at the bottom. Stick the piece of cartolina on the head of your ghost.

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