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Handmade Card Idea That Is Beautiful, Fast And Simple 
by Chloe Abing

Making handmade cards doesn't have to be time intensive. You can create pretty, yet fast cards for most occasions. The key is to create the sentiment on your computer and have it ready to print out when you need to make a card at a moment's notice. If you don't have a graphics program, try to use a word processing program or Microsoft Powerpoint.

Fast card idea - Butterfly Thank You Card

You can make a beautiful thank you card using pretty pattern paper, silky, satin, cream ribbon and a fancy, glittery, butterfly sticker. Often times, you need to make lots of thank you cards if you've given a party and received lots of gifts.

Materials & Tools You'll Need:  
  • Pattern paper 5" w x 5" h
  • Cream cardstock paper 4" w x 4" h
  • Cream cardstock paper for sentiment 2 ½" w x 2 ½" h
  • Brown cardstock paper to place behind sentiment 2 ¾" w x 2 ¾" h
  • Cream blank card 5" w x 5" h
  • Butterfly sticker
  • Satin bow
  • Decorative corner punch
  • Corner punch - ½"
  • Double sided tape
  • Adhesive dots or glue gun
  • Paper trimmer

To make it fast, have your sentiment already created on your computer. You can have more than one sentiment design on a page if the sentiment is enclosed in a small area so you save paper as well.

Design Your Sentiment:

  1. Select a pretty script font and type your message on your computer. This is a great time to personalize your card. Don't forget to center your text.
  2. Create a thin border about half an inch around the entire text. The border can be used as an element on your design or used as a cut line. If it's used as a cut line, you don't have to measure the cut line since it's already printed which will save you time when you're ready to make a card.
  3. Print preview the design and make any necessary changes.
  4. Print out the sentiment on lightweight, printable, cardstock paper. Refer to your printer manual for requirements. A laser printer is preferable since the ink does not bleed.

Assemble The Card:

  1. After you print and cut out the sentiment on cream paper, round all four corners using a half inch corner punch.
  2. Also round all four corners of the brown cardstock paper using a half inch corner punch.
  3. Tape sentiment to brown cardstock paper, leaving a 1/8" border around sentiment.
  4. Punch all four corners of the larger sized cream cardstock paper with a decorative corner punch.
  5. Center and tape sentiment, which is attached to brown cardstock paper, onto the cream paper that has the decorative punched corners.
  6. Tape pattern paper onto blank cream card.
  7. Center and tape cream paper, which has the sentiment and brown cardstock paper attached to it, onto card.
  8. Adhere sticker on the lower left corner of sentiment and bow on upper right corner of sentiment.

You can create this card for birthdays, get well soon or just a hello card as well. Since you already have the sentiment stored in your computer, all you have to do is change the text, print it out and you are ready to make your card.

My name is Chloe, a card making enthusiast, and I love to share my ideas with those of you that have the same passion for card making. You can download the free printable sentiment and find step-by-step photo instructions for this beautiful butterfly card at Sign up for my free newsletter and get my latest card making ideas at Happy Card Making! Article Source:

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