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Adding Dimension to Scrapbook Pages with Eyelets and Bunches 
by Marcy Larsen

Adding dimension to your pages is simple. Just add a few little dimensional items and will be amazed at the character that it brings out. Here are just a few of the many different tools that you can use to add to your pages. You can add as many or as few that you need to create the style and look you love.

The difference between an eyelet and a brad are these:
Eyelets have whole in the middle of each one. They come in several different sizes and shapes. You will need an eyelets paper punch, setter, craft hammer and a setting mat.
Brads also come in several different shapes and sizes. These on the other hand are solid and you can not run tread or ribbons though them. They also come in bigger shapes and sizes to add a little character. All you need to set a brad is a piercing tool or a push pin.

Eyelets and Brads
A fun way to hold scrapbook elements and photos in place is by using eyelets and brads. They are not only functional, but they also add design and elements to your pages. Use them to stylishly attach a pocket or a vellum title. Use them as centers of flowers or as a holder to run ribbons through. Your options are unlimited with eyelets or brads; just pick which one fits the mood of your page.

You would be amazed in the different shapes and styles that punches come in these days. You have your basic square, circle, and stars. Then you have your hearts, snowflakes, umbrellas, spirals, cars and many more. You can use these in several different ways. You can bunch them down the side of your pages as a boarder, you can punch out the shape in a photo or use a different color of paper to add dimension. With bunches, there is also corner punches. These will change the shape of the corners on pictures or mats. There is corner rounders and decorative punches as well. The corner rounders are just that, they will give you a smooth rounded corner on your pictures or mats. The decorative punches are usually a little longer to use as the boarder around your pictures or your whole layout.

With the corner punches and the regular punches, you can add a new look every time you use them. Try using a flower punch and place a different colored paper behind to add color. Use the punched out flowers and add a eyelet or brad to the center of each flower to add a bouquet to your page. Your options are unlimited with all of these tools. Just dig out your scraps and start playing until you find the style and look you like.

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