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Tips For Getting Started With Rubber Craft Stamp 
by Amy Wells

The popularity of rubber stamps for crafting use has exploded over the last decade. Rubber stamps are versatile, and can be used imaginatively for a variety of projects, including cards, scrap-booking, personalized gifts, and more. If your considering crafting with rubber stamps, here are some ideas and techniques to consider.

Choosing unmounted stamps, will give you much more storage space and flexibility. Unmounted stamps can be temporarily mounted with glue or foam, so you can use several wooden mounts without having to have a separate one for each stamp. Unmounted stamps can be easily stored in a binder with page protectors, or in some other type of flat organizational system. That way, you will find what you are looking for much easier once you start to build up your collection.

If you are first starting out, its best to purchase a few stamps at a time. You can get several quality stamps to multitask with, and then, once you've had more experience, start to add to your collection. You may want to do some window shopping first, and perhaps try out some stamps in a physical craft store to get an idea of how they handle. When you are ready to purchase, you will find the widest selection online, and also have more flexibility with comparison shopping.

What type of stamps are good for building a collection? Large to medium background stamps in geometric shapes are extremely versatile. They can be used as a frame or a background for other stamps or embellishments, and depending on the presentation, can create a completely different look with each project. Another must have is a set of alphabet or letter stamps, which will allow you to create a variety of different messages. Depending on where your interests are, you may also want to get stamps that are related by theme. For example, if most of your projects are birthday cards, you may want to start with a few stamps that have a related theme, such as balloons or birthday hats.

In addition to starting with your stamps, you'll also need some other materials and supplies. You'll want pigment pads with different ink colors. Another fun option is to use speciality pens that can be applied directly to the stamp, so when you stamp, you'll have different colors. In order to properly care for your stamps, stamp cleaner and a clean cloth will keep your stamps in good shape. You should clean your stamps after every use, but do not immerse them in water, as this can weaken the rubber.

The craft of rubber stamping is a fun and creative way to express yourself. Rubber stamps are versatile, and can be combined with a other crafting techniques to create one-of-a-kind expressions.
By starting slowly, you can give rubber stamping a try without breaking the bank.

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