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Honeycomb Paper 

Honeycomb paper makes surprising cards. When you open the card, a three-dimensional figure unfolds. This gives your cards a very special effect. You can use pre-punched figures to combine with the cutting sheets. Each honeycomb paper measures 9 3/4" x 6 3/4" (25 x 17 cm).

Make your own 3-dimensional decorations (party, Christmas), original cards, etc. Glue a piece of thin card to each 'honeycomb paper' side, cut it to the shape you want and fan it out. It could not be simpler.

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Christmas Series 

These 3-D papers are step-by-step papers. You cut the largest image and paste it to your card. Next, cut another image and mount it on top of the first image, using foam tape. Repeat the procedure on each image.

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Making Your Own Christmas Cards 
by Melanie Smith

Christmas cards are one of the most popular and saleable item in every local store and malls during Christmas season. When this festive occasion starts, almost all things related to it turns a bit expensive, including the traditional Christmas cards. These cards ranges from the most simple to the most elaborate. Some comes with music as you open it, while others comes with the sparkly stuff with tiny accessories that goes with it. They vary in size and price. On the other hand, one doesn't have to spend so much just to send a simple wish. As they said, personal is always special. So, here is a simple way to make a beautiful and personal Christmas card for your loved ones.

Materials Needed:

  • Silver paint maker or gold paint maker
  • Photograph
  • Black photo corners
  • Rubber stamps with different shapes (star, snowflakes, etc.)
  • Waxed paper
  • Blue art paper for every photograph you use
  • Embossing powder
  • Heating gun or embossing gun

Ways that you could use for your Christmas cards:

Here are some fabulous ideas which you could use on your Christmas card.

  1. Glue the photograph onto the blue art paper. Size the blue art paper according to the dimension of the photograph. Glue each corner and sides to match. Put the black photo corners at the corners of the photograph.
  2. Take out your rubber stamps with different shapes. For this project, the star and snowflakes is recommended. However, little tree stamps and Santa Claus stamps are also available may be used.
  3. Apply the silver ink or gold ink to the rubber stamp and stamp the card evenly. If you opt to use the star rubber stamp, stamp it equally and sparingly so that they do not occupy much of the space. Make sure not to place the rubber stamp in the same direction a pattern may appear, turn them as necessary as it is to give it a very natural look. A rubber stamp with wider dimension would be excellent. In this case, you can use the rubber stamp to create a border for your card. If you think your card needs a gold touch, then use the gold ink or otherwise it is recommended to use the silver ink. If you are using the stamp to create a card border, then stamp them throughout the card.
  4. Add embossing powder throughout the snowflakes before the ink dries so that it will stick well to the snowflakes or star shape. Make sure that the ink does not dry soon.
  5. Blow out the excess embossing powder outside the shapes being printed. Make sure that the emboss powder surrounds the shapes exactly made with the rubber stamp.
  6. Finally, use the embossing gun or heating gun to heat the embossing powder. Heating it will melt the powder and give it an embedded and raised look.

Making Christmas cards is an interesting activity to keep you occupied when you are free. It is one of the highly recommended activity art sessions you can start with your children. It is a fun way to start teaching art and develop your child's creativity. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our family. It is a great chance to bond and celebrate the wondrous with our loved ones.

Author Resource: Visit merry christmas 24 ( more Christmas related articles . You may also visit our section to learn about custom Christmas cards.

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To Dad on Father's Day 

Father’s Day comes only once a year and celebrated in June. You might be wondering why we have a day for fathers. Just think of how we were born, no questions asked.

Give something special to your Dad.Greet him with a hug and lots of kisses. Some kids have a dad who drinks a lot of coffee, a cigar dad, a do-it-yourself dad, or a computer dad, whatever.

Here's to all the dads in the world.


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Stamp Card 

Hello Everyone,

Ok, I would like to let you know about the stamp card that I just made! Here are the products I used for this project. Creatables LR0236/LR0152, Distress inks, Daisy punch, AG 580C02, Quilling dies 182, Lea'bilities 8558, Eline's EC0091, red/beige cardstock

Instructions: Cut red cardstock 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" then fold in half. Cut a piece of beige cardstock 5" x 5". Using Lea 8558, apply it on the 4 corners of the beige cardstock. Stamp the background using 580C02 onto the beige paper. Adhere the beige paper to the card.

Punch a few daisy flowers. For the center, use LR0152 and adhere on to the beige background. Stamp the center with EC0091(or you can use your own girl stamp). Use distress ink to make the background like vintage. Color the flowers dies 182 to make it stand out. Cut out swirls from green cardstock and cut apart. Adhere the swirls onto the card and use some the flowers over the swirls. Finally, I added white rhinestones for embellishment.

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Handmade Card Ideas Using Craft Punches 
by Chloe Abing

Handmade card ideas can start from pretty paper prints, beautiful stickers or even a favorite tool like a craft punch. Making greeting cards can be fun but sometimes frustrating when you are just staring at a blank card.

There are so many tools and embellishments available these days that coming up with card making ideas seem endless. You can create beautiful, handmade birthday, thank you, Valentines, Christmas and get well cards using a plethora of materials.

One popular tool is craft punches. I love using craft punches because my cutting skills aren't so refined. Since the cut is pretty precise, using craft punches give your card a professional, polished appearance.

One of my favorites is the 1/2" corner punch. You can round off one, two or all four corners of your card. Rounded corners help soften the look of a card.

  • TIP #1: Cut two or three different sizes of rectangles or squares in different colors that coordinate with your card, each 1/8" smaller than the other, and round off the corners. Then layer them about 1/8" apart to give a dimensional effect.
  • TIP #2: To give depth to a card, cut out a rectangle or square shape, round off all four corners using a corner punch and then adhere foam tape on the back. Put your sentiment, sticker or other embellishment onto the rectangle or square shape.
  • TIP #3: You can also use a corner craft punch on your photos. Cut a shape from cardstock, 1/8" larger than your photo and round off the corners with a corner punch. Round off corners of your photo as well and then place your photo over the larger shape which will create a frame for your photo.

A ¼" corner punch is great for making tags as well as rounding off corners from square or rectangle shapes. Apply chalk paint to soften and highlight the edges.

Decorative corner punches are pretty and delicate. I like to use it on solid color paper or paper that isn't so busy because you lose the fine detail of the punch design.

My other favorite craft punch is border punches. As of this article, I only have one design but it has been so versatile, I've utilized it on many cards. You can include a punched border on the sides, middle and bottom of your card.

  • TIP #4: Cut strips of paper using different colors that coordinate with your card. Punch out one side of the edge of each strip and layer by overlapping the strips. Circle punches are great for adding a sentiment or featuring an embellishment.
  • TIP #5: Using a graphic software program, create a dotted circle large enough that it fits just inside the circle, close to the edge of the punch. You can also include a sentiment or personalized message. Print it out on light cardstock paper. Center and punch out the dotted circle or sentiment with your circle punch. Punch a tiny hole just close to the top and use it as a tag.

If you can find two circle punches, one about 1/8" smaller circumference than the other, the larger circle creates a nice frame and is just another idea to include in your card making techniques.

I think craft punches are a great addition to your card making supplies because they are so versatile and you can reuse it over and over again.

My name is Chloe, a card making enthusiast, and I love to share my ideas with those of you that have the same passion for card making. Find these tips, examples and instructions of how punches are used at Article Source:

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