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Upcoming Stencils and Dies 

We are bringing you the finest papercrafting products from Memory Box 2014. They can be use for cardmaking, felt, or fabric. I will be sharing a card one of this days with one of the new Memory Box stencils.


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Dreamweaver Brass & Metal Stencils 

These stencils are the hottest on the market right now and can be used for decorating your scrapbook or making a card. They are all elegant and pretty.

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Geisha Cards 

by Ingrid Deelen
  1. Draw with the template the pagoda on old red carton and cut it out.
  2. Punch holes left and right and embroider these according to the template pattern.
  3. Make holes at the top and attach eyelets in these.
  4. Cut a piece of gold carton of 3.3 x 2.7” and attach this behind the pagoda.
  5. Make a double black card of 5.3 x 5.3”.
  6. Attach the pagoda to the card using 3D kit, raising it slightly.
  7. Cut out a Geisha and make this 3D. Then attach this to the gold carton.
  8. Emboss the branch and fan on white carton.
  9. Cut both out and glue them with 3D kit to the card.

Geisha Stencils

Geisha Border Stencils

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Heritage Handicrafts Brass Stencils 

Solid brass and stainless steel stencils.

$4.00 - $6.50

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New Joy!Crafts Dies 

These dies and stencils are designed to be used with any die cutting and embossing machine.

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American Traditional Design Paper Piercing Templates 

These templates make it easy to add delicate details to paper projects, metal foils or polymer clays. Pierce to add texture, or combine with stenciling or embossing to enhance your creations even more. Many themes and styles are available, including designs that coordinate with our most popular metal templates.

Sale: $3.99

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