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Papercrafting is collecting art forms using any kind of paper to make dimentional layout for your scrapbook, photo album or cards. To inspire you more make your project vintage style. Remember the old times? Well, we were'nt born yet but look for old photos of your great grandma, great aunts, and you will see what I am talking about:)

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New handmade cards and stencils 

Staying inside my work room is where the fun begins. I love making new cards. Some are postcard style and others are one sided card. I never get tired of making my cards, some flowers, and still finishing my shabby scrapbook.

I also have new stencils like the Vintasia and Leane's embossing folder and clear stamps. Also new are Joy's cutting and embossing templates. If you are a beginner or already an expert, come and visit our website. Let's have some fun and start creating new items.

See you soon!!

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New Summer items! 

Do you ever imagine when summer begins and ends? Evidently, it starts in June and ends in September.

For this season we have new upcoming items to do your crafts. Browse around the Kamya website and look for these new products.

Have fun everyone! Enjoy your summer before school begins!


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Dies are now available! 

These Dies are more intricate in details and they are amazing. If you have a machine, you will have to cut a couple times and rotate it 90 degrees with each pass.

For a butterfly collector, this die will be a wonderful addition.

Have a good day, everyone!


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Joy! Crafts/Creatables dies now available! 

After our extremely cold weather, comes Spring. All the flowers in every garden are blooming. But have you not notice that the blooming season was late?
Well, since spring is almost done, here comes our summery weather.

Let's find some summery crafts for the children. You can give them some materials to start with like crayons, egg boxes, paper, cardboard, etc. Children are very creative. So they will know what to do with these materials.

For the grown-ups, we can do some paintings, wreaths, sewing, planting, and many more. Others are interested in making some greeting cards and handmade frames. Different templates are being used for your project.

Kamya is now introducing new templates that will be available this month.
Create something wonderful. There are different designs coming in. Also, Couture Creations and Cheery Lynn's new templates are now available.


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New dies! 

It is easy to create a project when you have all the materials you need. Start by making a greeting card. Design it, then print or write in your own words the message you want to send to someone.

You might want to keep your own creation for future use or just for memory sake.

We are please to bring you the new stencils that will be coming soon. Design it, use it, and love it.

Thanks everyone!


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