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Kamya.com's Blog

Kamya's website is for crafts online that is affordable for anyone. It's purpose is to reach people who cannot go out shopping in stores but can be found online. Kamya.com has been in service online since the year 2000. It's easy to find our website since it's name is very simple.

Our website is always updated every two(2) or three(3) months. That means that when new items comes in, we post it as soon as we can. Some items are ordered from the Netherlands and some are from the USA. We also do our own handmade items.

Customers are our priority. We send the items ordered that is available asap and they are notified if the items that they ordered are not in stock.

Next, we go to embossing and embroidery dies, stickers, 3 D's and scrapbooking. Creating a design for your own scrapbook or photo album is mind-boggling. You can find or get some ideas online.

Some websites copied items we're selling and some think that we are copying the items they're selling. Wrong idea. Everyone looks at other websites not to copy but to get ideas especially if you are just starting.

And lastly, we're from the Netherlands and have our own creations, the Handmade pages. Enjoy!